My little trip to Ulta…

I’ve been absolutely drooling over Urban Decay’s Naked and Naked 2 eye make up palettes for quite awhile now! I just have never been able to actually get up the nerve to purchase them… that was until that little Ulta coupon arrived in the mail!  I finally decided it was time to make the purchase that I’ve literally wanted for years, but promised I would limit myself to only purchase one of them.  Well, that’s where the story begins.  As I was about to decide between which palette would be the start to my Naked palette collection, I noticed another girl holding both palettes in her hand trying to do the same thing.  As we both stood there for a good 20 minutes together trying to decide, we just could not make up our minds on which one to get!  I’m sure it was quite comical for the make up artists watching us desperately trying to decide what to do. That was until one of the girls showed us the Lorac Pro eye make up palette.  As much as we both wanted the Naked or Naked 2 palette for as long as we could remember, we couldn’t get past how this Lorac Pro palette had all the colors we were looking for in one!  We finally both decided we had to get the Lorac! After so much discussion, a whole lot of back and fourth over what to buy, we ended up becoming make up buddies. We seriously spent the rest of our time in Ulta showing each other our favorite beauty products.  Thanks to Ulta, we of course had to become facebook friends and now we talk about and cannot wait for our next trip to purchase more beauty supplies at Ulta together! It was so much fun! With that cute little story being said, I have to say I absolutely love the Lorac Pro Palette.  I now own a few of the Naked Palettes as well (thank you for my awesome Christmas gifts everyone) but, I still absolutely love this palette too.  It’s a lot cheaper than Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes and it provides a lot of color options including matte and sparkle finishes. Here’s a glimpse of the Lorac Pro Palette.


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With Love Always,

Erin Joy